Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Even if your company doesn’t create a Facebook or Twitter account, you are still in the social sphere. People are already talking about your service or products whether you may like it or not. You have zero control over what is being said.

So what are the direct benefits of creating a Social Media Persona?

1. Drive traffic to your website

Yes, it’s great to inform your customers about your awesome event on your website. However, how are you driving your potential customers to your website? Facebook is a great and inexpensive way to generate leads and learn more about your customer. Whether it’s through an offer, contest, or posting valuable content. Essentially, it’s a great way to tell your target audience, “Hey, we’re here”.

2. Interacting with customers

Most businesses like to boast about caring about their customers and pride themselves on delivering “customer service excellence” however, who REALLY does? We are moving away from the era of one-way communication, where the only method of contact with customers was through TV ads, Print Ads, Product Placement, etc. Some brands don’t like when the customers actually talk back. Big brands were used to speaking AT their customers but now, the shift entails them talking WITH their customers. The truth is, customers will always love and appreciate great service, in-store and online (if Dwight Shrute hasn’t proven that to you maybe Steve Jobs has).

3. Increase in Sales

Now the question everyone asks; How will all this time and money spent on Social Media reflect on sales? Increasing Social Media efforts have proven to work far better than conventional advertising you may have used before. Your audience is wider, well targeted and trusts you. Social Media allows you to demonstrate your expertise and prove you are a leader in your industry. Talk is cheap but the rewards can be remarkable. Buying decisions are easier to make when your potential customers receive recommendations and positive feedback from people from their social circles.

4. Reputation Management

As mentioned earlier, Social Media allows your brand to assess all feedback, whether it be positive or negative, talk to your customers and remedy any negative experiences they’ve had.

5. Marketing Research

Social Media is a great way to check out your competition and assess what they’re doing right, wrong, and help determine, who is talking about them and why. It’s a fantastic way to see what other industries are doing right that may apply to you.

6. Inexpensive

In comparison to other types of advertising, Social Media Marketing is relatively inexpensive and accessible to everyone ranging from small and large businesses, celebrities, to my entrepreneurial stay-at-home mom. However, be ready to invest your time. You want your customers to stay engaged and if you don’t poke their interest on their news feed, they might just forget about you.

These are the direct benefits of Social Media marketing. Feel free to give me a shout if you’d like to know more. Follow us to learn how to create engaging sharable content.

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