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Influencer Marketing


Influencers are people who have built an engaged following on social media around the topics they are passionate about. There are several reasons why influencer marketing is so effective. Partnering with social media personalities that reflect your brand’s ideals allows you to reach your target audience and generate brand awareness and credibility at scale like never before.

At OVRGRND we have access to nearly 3000 highly vetted influencers across North America who are interested and post about various topics.


Influencer Discovery

Finding the perfect influencers for your target market can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, we have already done most of the heavy lifting for you. We have recruited and vetted an impressive roster of influencers across Canada and the US by using real-time analytics to provide you with the best options for your brand.

The OVRGRND team uses its proprietary Influencer platform. This platform allows us to scour our roster and vet each influencer for their stats and review their content to ensure we select the best influencers to represent your brand. Once we present you with a list of potential candidates you’ll have the opportunity to pick your favorites along with our recommendations based on your marketing objectives.

Management & Measurement

After selecting the most appropriate influencers for your objectives, we create a detailed brief outlining each influencer’s mandate and provide them with the assets they need to produce and distribute your content along with right timelines for your campaign. We offer solid management across the entire campaign lifecycle, from setting requirements to tracking the influencer’s performance.

Finally, we provide feedback through an analytical report you can share with your team.


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Influencer Marketing

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