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Social Media Management

We cultivate and raise the voice of your brand with a team of strategists, content managers, copywriters, and designers, in order to drive meaningful social engagement with your target consumer.

Content Creation

Advertising is freakin’ everywhere. Many consumers spend a good part of their day plowing through the stuff they HAVE to see, just to get to the stuff they WANT to see. The good news is, great branded content can be the “want to see” stuff.

At OVRGRND, we marry “Big Ideas” to tactical approaches that align with our clients’ individual needs, goals, and audiences. We develop visually-stunning, imaginative, thoughtful, and sometimes hilarious content and campaigns that not only generates buzz but also delivers ROI.

Our team creates all of the content for our clients in house and play a hands on role in the distribution and engagement efforts.

Influencer Marketing

With over 3,000 hand-picked and highly vetted influencers on our roster, we can handle programs of any size or complexity.

We match our clients with the right influencers who help to bring their products and services to life through social media in an authentic and engaging way.

As influencer marketing evolves, so does our technology.
Stay up-to-date on every aspect of your influencer campaign, with continually updated data at your fingertips using our proprietary platform.

Influencer Marketing is included in some of our social media packages but can also be purchased on a campaign by campaign basis.

Ads Management

Whether you run a national brand, an online store, a restaurant or a brick and mortar boutique, we can create a custom ad strategy to help you achieve your sales goals.

Our Ads team is Facebook Blueprint certified and we are proud Facebook Marketing Partner.

Our packages include, strategy, copywriting + creatives, return on ad spend tracking, real time analytics and bi-weekly reporting.