It’s not a secret that KIM and KANYE have an eye for business opportunities. Every product launch is always out of the box and buzz-worthy.  But this time around, talk about revolutionary (or breaking the internet). Here’s a breakdown of how it went down.



In December 2017, Kanye’s wife, Kim, wore 16 outfits in the span of two days in Calabasas with a clique of paparazzis following her around while she runs her daily errands. She went to McDonald’s, 7/11 and stopped by FedEx.


Kim tweeted every look and the internet went wild. 

No fancy fashion shows, no NYFW, a simple lookbook release in the purest form of paparazzi shots we are used to seeing of the Kardashians on a daily basis.

The brand went on to release all its products online for pre-order.

Boom. Direct release to consumer.  (See here



The influencer campaign begins. As of January 31st, our favorite influencers start releasing paparazzi-style images of themselves on Instagram wearing the same Yeezy outfits as Kim previously wore and the same long blond wig, posting with the hashtag #YeezySeason6

From Paris Hilton, Jordyn Woods, Amina Blue, Clermont Twins, Sierra Skye, Sami Miro, Kristen Noel Crawley, Abigail Ratchford, Sahara Ray and it’s only the beginning.


Just when we start thinking it’s all been done, or organic is dead, KANYE comes out swinging.  With the many ways social media platforms have allowed us to advertise and promote products over the last few years, we come to forget that the most successful type of social media marketing is NATIVE ADVERTISING. Turning your advertising campaign into content people are looking for, look at and already tuned into, versus disrupting the consumer’s experience on their favorite platforms.

Side note, lately I’ve been having many conversations about authenticity  and how influencers have to make sure to disclose the partnership in order to not get in trouble with the FCC. However, I like to think, that if you are creating some amazing content that’s relevant to your personal brand whether or not the content is sponsored shouldn’t affect how people feel about your craft.

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