Make no mistake, Instagram’s video capability definitely put a dent into Vine. With an established community of 130M members and awesome features such as photo filters and longer video, Instagram has left millions of users to completely disregard Vine.

Vine, however is still a great way to share spontaneous creativity that can be shot directed with artistic flare. I believe Vine and Instagram can be stacked up just the way we compare YouTube & Vimeo. I browse Vimeo when I want to see high-quality and mind blowing footage. I watch YouTube to see what I missed on Kimmel last night.

Instagram is a great tool to showcase how awesome your life is and hopefully increase your popularity rank. For most users, Instagram remains a closed community with a limited amount of followers, mostly people they know. Vine on the other end is a tool with limited features forcing you to be creative and plan out every frame. If your Vine isn’t creative it will most definitely be ignored. You don’t have to be Diddy and on a jet everyday to be a great Viner. You simply need to use what’s accessible to you and plan your shots so that it can have better creative impact.

Here are some tips on how to become a LEGENDARY VINER.

1. Auto-record.

If you’re shooting one continuous shot, you don’t have

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to hold your finger down the entire time. Just swipe left to right on the grey area below your frame and it will shoot the rest for you.

2. #Loop

To create the perfect loop, your final frame should flow effortlessly with your first frame. You don’t have to shoot the full 6 seconds. Vine let’s you post a video with a minimum of three seconds!

3. Shoot from afar.

Trick your phone into thinking you’re touching the screen. Just touch the positive end of a battery to your screen and it’ll start recording. You can even attach the battery to stick to tap the screen from afar.

4. Hey Spielberg! Practice stop-motion.

Use a tripod to make precise stop-motions. This will keep your video from looking jumpy.

5. Prevent focus adjust.

Sometimes you’ll see a pulsation in the middle of your frame. That’s auto-focus adjusting. To prevent this, hold still by bracing your arms against yourself or set your phone on a ledge.

6. Use transitions

Hold something over your lens so all you see is black. Then, quickly take it away. Doing this gives you a blown out image on your screen which slowly brings and image into view.

7. Use lenses

Macro lenses will make your Vines look surreal. You can also try shooting through a bottle or plastic for out of focus and blurry video. Use Telephoto to shoot from far away or a fisheye to shoot your very own sick gangsta rap vid.

8. Tell a story.

Bring all your shots together and edit them. Like a digital short.

5 awesome people to follow on vine:

1. Adam Goldberg – actor and photographer.
2. Megan Cignoli –Won a Cannes cyber lion for her vines.
3. Pinot – Illustrator, stop-motion master
4. Jake Lodwick – Creator of Vimeo
5. Will Sasso – Funny guy
(honorable mention Steve Aoki & Riff Raff)

5 brands killing it on Vine:

1. Target.
2. Urban Outfitters.
3. General Electric.
4. Kids Company.
5. NBA

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