1. You haven’t assessed your goals.

As an example, we’ll use a restaurant. Intuition may lead your marketing team to throw a contest or run a Groupon campaign to get quick bodies into your establishment.

This strategy may get you a few coupon diners and some quick likes on Facebook but won’t garner a sustainable clientele.

Without a strong on-going online advertising strategy, those Facebook likes you were excited about will be worth nada in about a month. Make sure this isn’t happening to you.

Online marketers have a tendency to solely focus on quick social media fan growth through gimmicks and short one-off campaigns to prove their competence. Your goal is to ultimately get people in the door on a regular basis.

See the conflict of interest?


2. Not telling people you’re on social media.

Social Marketing can be an awesome tool to help people to find your business.

Your job shouldn’t end there. You have to make sure that you’re consistently pushing your social channels from inside your venue or place of business.

Whether your customers are waiting for their new ride at your car dealership or want brag about the free round of shots you handed them at your bar, your social media tags should be visible and very obvious.

Window decals, business cards and small takeaways can easily be used as a reminder to mention you on their personal social media pages.


3. You’re treating all platforms the same

Every Social platform should be treated differently. Refrain from syndicating your posts across each page.

On Facebook, you can to talk directly to your fan base and simultaneously get the attention of targeted potential customers.

On Instagram, you can directly reach out to your potential customers and interact with their content, which you cannot do on Facebook.

Every platform serves it’s own purpose make sure you understand them and stay updated on new features!


4. You have no Personality.

People use Facebook to connect with their friends and read about stuff they find cool and interesting. Before using social media for your business, stop and think about what usually pulls your attention on Facebook and how you interact with your friends.

A big no-no, is making everything perfect.
Social media isn’t about forming a tailored, corporate message, it’s about fostering the human touch.


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