How I converted 4000 matches into 200 Instagram followers.

We were intrigued after reading Cammi Pham and Blake Jamieson’s Tinder hacking techniques. Our Team had doubts about their tactic and also wanted to experiment with the app ourselves.

Basically, Cammi and Blake’s goal was to get as many “Matches” in the least amount of time. Both had a high level of success. To increase their odds, they both altered their profile pictures by adding the line ‘’Match of the Day’’ on their photo with the Tinder logo.

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In just 17 hours, Blake was able to get 800 matches. Cammi got approximately 2000. They concluded that men tend to swipe right more then ladies do.

We ran a Tinder experiment of our own. The objective was to try and grow our company’s online visibility by exploiting Tinder’s matching system. The idea was to turn a Tinder match into an OVRGRND Instagram follower by using a simple call-to-action to follow our Instagram page on my Tinder profile.
*Tinder doesn’t support hyperlinks. In order for Tinder users to become Instagram followers, they would have to leave the platform, jump onto Instagram and type in our company name in the search bar.

So this is how we did it.

Step 1 Create a profile

We wanted our results to be accurate, so we created a new Tinder profile with barely any Facebook friends. Contrary to Cammi and Blake, none of my pictures were altered in anyway.

Step 2 Fill out Tinder Bio

We created a simple, light hearted bio and finished with a call-to-action to follow OVRGRND on Instagram

Step 3 Swipe right on everyone

So I started swiping endlesly for local Montrealers.

Photo 2014-05-05 18 09 05tindercrop

The Results:

5 minutes in and I already had 5 matches.
Within an hour I was at 200.
Within 2 hours, 700.
And after 5 hours I hit 2500 matches.

At which point I stopped swiping.


Out of the first 2500 matches, over 100 followed our Instagram account, a 4% success rate.

By the next day, I had reached over 4000 matches and approximately 200 new Instagram followers.

I don’t know if it’s a Tinder glitch but from what I’ve seen I wasn’t matched with any women.


So here is what I learned:

Like Blake and Cammi, I noticed the majority (60%) of people don’t send messages first.

Of the people that send messages,

30% asked what a Digital Marketer was. I tried to answer as many as possible. Unfortunately due to the high rate of matches my iPhone 4 kept crashing ( HOOK IT UP APPLE) and I had to keep my phone charged at all times.

10% of commenter’s accused me of trying to get Instagram followers.

15% mentioned our Instagram account by giving us props, some made reference to Jay Z (who’s face has a large presence on our account) and finally a few quoted ‘’I know it’s real’’(referring to the tag line).

20% asked about our business. How long it’s been around? If we offer internships for BA students. Some said they we’re doing a similar experiment with their agencies.

It’s important to understand that swiping right isn’t a proposal. It’s just barely saying ‘’ You look aiight’’. I’m not asking anyone to buy anything or do anything, just suggesting they discover what we do.

If you don’t respond to your matches, there is a tendency for people to block you which will change your match rate.

Overall, I think Tinder is a really great app to get to know people and get people to know about you. Since you can be very specific about who you are looking for I can see a large advantage for businesses to get on it. However, be honest with your bios.

I really believe Tinder-like apps will be taking over soon. I think it would be interesting for a platform like LinkedIn to try a similar search engine. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think so. Find out about Jobr, it’s like Tinder for job hunting!


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