Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I decided to give a shout out to some local #GirlBosses who inspire me daily on Instagram. From fashion, daily inspirations and World travel, here are my 6 picks in no particular order.

#6 @PriyankaJhamb

It’s hard to break down what this amazing girl is all about as she wears too many different hats; Designer, Fashionista, Sneakerhead & Social Media Strategist. This girl knows how to use Instagram like a boss.

If your into fashion you’ll love looking at her account for daily outfit inspo.  She takes ”business casual” to a whole other level. She also designs her own rompers and dresses and goes thru great lengths to find to most funky and fashionable fabric. On a professional level she takes her Social Media skills over to Bench Canada, where she helps the brand grow on a daily basis.

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#5 @miyukicrochet 

Stefanie Nakamura is an actress, foodie and crochet enthusiast! Instead of reading or playing angry birds while she would spend her days waiting in line for castings Stefanie really got into crochet. Within a year, she flipped her hobby into a full-time career quitting her side jobs to fully focus on her craft. Simple word of mouth from her close friends, who also double as her models have helped Stef propel her business. She started selling her goods every single Sundays on Mont-Royal and now she spends her time traveling to different markets to share her love for crochet.

She uses Instagram to promote her business, showcase her new items and takes us behind the scenes of how she manages to do it all!

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#4 @Barbarella_Mtl

This account is run by two of my favorite Montreal babes, Ashlinn and Brit; The OG Barbarella’s! They definitely bring the ‘’Do What You Love’’ motto to a whole new level. Together they run an awesome business on Saint-Denis street where they offer impeccable Spray Tans and original nail art in a funky setting where every Montreal babe would feel right at home.

They bring their passion, humor and wit into promoting their business on Instagram and I love it. Make sure you don’t miss out on those free Spray Tan days 😉

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#3 @TheSovereigns

This account belongs to the beautiful Camille Ferrandez, project manager at L’Oréal /Traveling Blogger – This awesome Montreal creative  brings her passion for travel, fashion and photography to the gram in such an impeccable way you’ll always be looking forward to her new discoveries. Camille is all about good vibes and her Instagram will encourage you to work hard and enjoy the little things in life.

Follow her account and see the world through her lens.

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#2 @NalieAgustin

25 year old Breast Cancer survivor and my good friend Natalie Agustin allows us to follow her amazing journey.

Her Instagram account turned into a really strong journey from the first day she found out she had cancer about a year ago. Today, her journey continues as a cancer survivor but also as a strong voice for the 20-somethign community. From daily inspiration, to short hair and beauty tips & tricks, her account is all about helping and inspiring women to grow and better themselves. I highly encourage you guys to follow her story!

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#1 @TamyEmmaPepin

Her entire Instagram presence is so on point. Tamy has her own show on Canal Évasion called #TamyUk where she takes us along in her amazing journey to discover what the United Kingdom is all about. Not only her photography skills are on point but she is also incredibly inspiring and hustles like no other. Her posts will of course, make you want to drop everything and travel the world but they’ll also inspire you to do what makes you happy and to constantly explore.

Being in Quebec, she also nails the whole posting bilingually while keeping a very honest and genuine tone which I think is pretty cool.

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Who do you follow? Let us know 😀 We love getting to know local creatives.

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