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Who isn’t familiar with Thaï Express ? The Canadian restaurant chain is now a part of the giant fast food restaurants in the country. It prides itself on excellent client service and authentic Thai cuisine. Pad thaï, dumplings, fried rice and more! The brand’s motto is that when you treat your taste buds rights, a lot of good things happen. We agree 100%!


Goal #1 : Generate more impressions and create an interest for the brand. Despite an interesting following, their posts were generating less interactions than a lot of our smaller brands.

Goal #2 : Find a voice that sticks to the brand’s target audience. This is easier said than done! With good intention, the old posts lacked originality and relevance. It was time for us to take over and spice things up.

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The marketing strategy was entirely revamped.

Thanks to our experience with food companies, we were able to give value to Thaï Express and to their followers with better quality content. Our posts are enticing and loyal to the freshness of Thaï Express’ ingredients while mainly addressing young adults. We’ve included a good combination of food close ups, lifestyle shots and follower reposts.

We also created a meme template so the feed could be more aesthetic and uniform. The meme are always loyal to current events (Ex. : COVID-19, 4/20, etc.) or other trends (Ex. : Love in Blind, Tiger King, etc.) because it is what generates the most reactions.

The captions are where we were able to create a tone for the brand. We added a cool and fun touch to Thaï Express, while staying relevant to what works on social media. We opt for short and simple captions that are engaging because it encourages the audience to participate more. They also reflect the principal consumer’s voice, that of millennials. We speak to them as if we are their friends and not as a company that desperately wants to sell.

This is even more important in French. Its audience being mainly anglophone, the brand had a hard time connecting with its French Canadian audience. By incorporating expressions and references from Quebec, people now feel closer to the brand and are more likely to be able to relate to it.

We also take care of all of the community management. Many followers were fake. We were able to spice up the account and help it grow by interacting with profiles that shared common values and interests while targeting our ads.

Finally, we launched a few influencer campaigns in order to gain new potential clients. Many Canadian influencers with similar Thaï Express values tried products and showed off their quality to their audience. This allowed us to humanize the brand and associate it to real people.


In less than three months, we were able to increase all the brands results and did so while spending less money in advertising. Our total impressions are 156% higher than at the beginning of the year.

  • People reached in January : 653 867
  • People reached in March : 1 248 509
  • Impressions in January : 1 227 644
  • Impressions in March : 2 652 953
  • Clicks in January : 32 815
  • Clics in March : 33 013
  • Follower growth: 500 per month on average

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