As a brand, when it comes to creating content you always have to take into consideration how will people consume it? Are they quickly scrolling through it at work. Do they consume content on their lunch breaks or late at night in the privacy of their homes when they are bored on the couch? Here are some Instastory facts that can help you maximize your content!

1. Most people listen to stories with the sound ON. vs. posts on their feeds.

If you tend to create content where you speak to the camera or use very catchy music, you should also share it in your stories to ensure a maximum of people get to fully enjoy it!

You’ve probably noticed over the last few years that people started posting videos on their feeds with subtitles. Most people tend to scroll through their feeds while they’re at work or when they’re in social settings, therefore, they are likely to scroll right by your video without really knowing what it’s about. However, when watching stories, users usually make sure to have headphones on or be in a private setting since most of the content has sound.

2. Share user-generated content.

Many companies struggle with the idea of using user-generated content as it may not match their aesthetic. However, more often than not, their fans do not care. It’s actually been shown that 85% of people find UGC more trustworthy than branded content.

The content also feels a lot more authentic when it’s coming from a user.

We tested a curated video shot in a professional setting vs. a homemade video of the same thing and saw far stronger results(impressions, shares and direct messages) for the user-generated piece.

3. Users want videos.

Believe it or not; people will sit on the couch and consume hours of Instagram stories as if it were a TV show. Therefore, videos have a much higher retention rate. If you’re worried about your exit/skip rates, keep in mind that it’s 75% more likely that someone will watch your entire video vs. skip through a picture.

4. Save the best for first.

This isn’t the type of advice we hear very often but when it comes to social media it’s usually the way to go. You want to capture your audience’s attention right off the bat. If they don’t like where you are heading from the get-go they are likely to move on to the next brand’s stories and skip through your entire series.

Similarly, if you know you have an important announcement coming up later that day. Make sure not to bombard your instastory feed with random stories that could cause your followers to never make it to your most valuable piece.

5. Value engagement.

Engagement is important across every platform and instastory isn’t any different.

Use the stickers to get to know your followers. Most people look to Instagram for entertainment and inspiration.

Instastories are a great opportunity to create fun polls and get an idea of what your followers truly love about your brand.

6. Influencer takeovers.

If you aren’t comfortable speaking to the camera, using influencers to run instastory takeovers can be a great way to spruce up your content.

It helps humanize your brand and will stand out from your traditional content.

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