With 2015 upon us, we’re taking all the inspiration we can get to start the new year off with a bang. Since all good motivation comes from Instagram (am I right?), we’ve sifted through the best go-to pages for your daily inspo. Obviously we’re biased towards Montreal, so we’re proud to say that most of these pages are based in our lovely city. From food to fashion, to lifestyle and travel, these accounts are most definitely on point. Let’s start the New Year off right, shall we?

1. @whatforbreakfast

Often our New Years resolutions are as simple as waking up early and making time for breakfasts that are not only going to make you feel great, but are guaranteed AT LEAST 50 likes on Instagram. This Berlin babe knows exactly what to eat and how to eat it. Even if you’re not hungry, @whatforbreakfast has a wildly creative page that is bound to get you trying out some of your own concoctions in the kitchen.

2. @thefashionmedley

Montreal’s very own @thefashionmedley has got the clothes and the Instagram page to make you literally want to become a new person. Although her choice of winter attire doesn’t seem all that practical for -30 degree weather, you can’t deny that this chick has great taste in clothing, food and design.

3. @dosejuice

Montreal’s Dose Juice brings you the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle. Raw, organic and cold-pressed, these babies are jam-packed with enough goodness to undo any amount of damage you’ve done on NYE. If you haven’t already tried one, get out there and do it! Not only are they good for you, but they’ve got a range of flavours and colours to satisfy your state of mind. Clean eating, clean branding, and a clever concept to go with it. Thirsty yet?

4. @coryvines

This wonderful Montreal startup is doing big things and taking all the right steps. Open up their page and find all the inspo you need to get out of bed and start your day right, whatever that may be. From the looks of it, Cory Vines is bringing their own fresh spin to active wear and it seems to be working out… (pun intended). Check out their page for a look into what their brand is truly about.

5. @passionpassport

@passionpassport is a concept made by the travel community, for the travel community. This wonderful organization gives the world an opportunity to apply for a travel grant that can bring us one step closer to achieving our biggest dreams. Apply online at passionpassport.com to see how you can live your New Years resolutions! Their Insta page is living proof of what’s out there waiting for you.

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