1. Show your product.



2. Show how your product is made.

It is the most popular question among customers when they are trying to buy a product. How It’s Made is a testament to our curiosity about where our manufactured goods come from. blog6


3. Go behind the scenes.

There are moments that very few people get to experience in real life. Think of Instagram as a way to give all of your followers an exclusive backstage pass!


4. Make your customers feel special.

Give them exclusive previews. Show interest in their content. Showcase them.


5. Show Your Office.



6. Take Us With You.

Showcase your company culture. Going somewhere fun? Bring your followers with you.


7. Create content.

Not much going on today? Post a quote/graphic your followers will resonate with!


8. Introduce Your Employees.

Your employees will enjoy the recognition and your followers will get a chance to see who’s behind your brand.


9. Share Celebrity Sightings.

People just love that.


10. Have fun with it!

Get creative, test your ideas.
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